NEW! Online Sketchbook Project launched

I’m so delighted to announce the launch of a brand new online art project; the Wellow Art Academy Sketchbook Project (WAASP) It is a little ray of light to hold people together through a creative endeavour, no matter what their artistic ability through virtual art classes and social media galleries.

Lemon sketches

Here’s how it works…

Each Monday you make a payment online of £10. You then receive two mini-lessons during that week; on Tuesday AM and Friday AM. Alongside this you have the opportunity to join our private Facebook group to share images and comments with others working on the project. The work is beautiful! You also have the option to join me and others at 2pm on Friday for a 40 minute Question and Comments slot via Zoom conferencing.

The lessons are designed to suit all abilities and are packed with demonstrations, explanations and examples. It’s about the fun of creating a lively sketch, gradually filling a sketchbook with beautiful, positive things in spite of the difficult times we find ourselves in right now.  We work on simple themes but with stunning results, adding text and memories alongside our sketches.

Each lesson’s theme is entirely different, so as we turn pages in our sketchbooks later on, the creative variety will be huge.

As we are all finding ways to keep busy at home, sometimes the lessons will draw on that return to making…maybe the odd tip in a lesson covering cooking or preserving; skills that many of us are discovering during our time away from the normal busy world.

It’s with great pleasure too that  am receiving work from students elsewhere in the world, far away but sharing the same lesson and ideas. Students encourage each other. It’s a unique learning experience!

There is no ongoing commitment, simply decide if you feel like joining us that week. or not. Lessons are “rolling” and you as there is no staged learning you won’t miss anything if you skip a week or two.


Art allows us to express ourselves, relax, breathe, escape and relate to others living through the same experiences.

To find out more contact me at or send an email through the website here.

I am also building a new dedicated site here

Come and give it a go!

Stay safe, Julie